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Madagascar as a diving destination

Madagascar is one of the world's diving destinations with its rich seabed and marine biodiversity. It offers the possibility of diving on easy sites accessible to all levels of divers, and on sites that are feasible by cruise but which offer a chance to dive with the pelagics of the archipelago.

When is the best season to come and dive in Madagascar?

Diving in Madagascar is possible all year round. With an average temperature of 22 degrees, you will feel good in these tropical waters.

However, for the eastern part of the country, this possibility is not possible because the cyclone season (November to mid February) makes this activity difficult. In the case of Nosy Be, this option is possible, because this part of the island is rarely affected by cyclones.

The best season for Nosy Be is when you will have the chance to observe whales (mid-August to mid-October) and to swim with whale sharks (October to mid-December). These are moments of happiness that you will be able to experience while diving or in surface interval.

What can we see while diving in Nosy Be?

You can see everything in Nosy Be, from the colorful fish of the tropical seas to the big pelagics. Hammerhead sharks do us the honor of crisscrossing the waters between December and mid-February for example.

Is there a decompression chamber in Nosy Be?

Nosy Be is equipped with a functional decompression chamber.

What do you expect?

If you are decided to come and dive in Madagascar do not hesitate... Iray Adventures will make you live unforgettable moments in private diving where you can appreciate more the dives and the sites.

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