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The Tour Operator, registered in the register of travel and holiday operators under number

Hereinafter referred to as "the Tour Operator" or "the seller",

Telephone: +261342419632

Email address:



2.1. Characteristics

The products and services provided are described in detail with their essential characteristics by means of a request sent by email to the following address: or directly on the website:

The conditions of participation for each of the services offered by Iray Adventures are detailed on the website and have contractual value.



The products comply with the requirements in force relating to the safety and health of persons, fair trading and consumer protection at the time they are placed on the market.

The products comply with the requirements of Malagasy law in force at the time they are placed on the market. 


3.1. Selling prices


The selling prices, in accordance with the decree No. 2006-844 of 14 November 2006 fixing the display of prices, the establishment of contracts and invoicing and the payments in Ariary, are indicated in Ariary all taxes included, excluding the price of the international air ticket (except at the request of the client) and the Visa which is payable at the arrival by the client.

The total amount due by the Client is indicated by email at the time of the validation of the tour, with the mention "validation with payment obligation".

The selling price is the one in force on the day of the validation.

In the event of a price promotion, Iray Adventures undertakes to apply the promotional price to all orders placed during the promotion period.

3.2 Modification


Iray Advenures reserves the right to modify its prices at any time, while guaranteeing the Client the application of the price in force on the day the sale is validated. 

The products indicated with "firm and definitive prices" remain subject to the increase in airport taxes and the cost of fuel.


4.1. Area


The tour offers presented on the site are valid for all nationals of countries wishing to travel to Madagascar.


4.2. Duration

The online offers presented on the site are valid, in the absence of indication of particular duration, as long as the products and services appear there and within the limits of available places.


4.3. Acceptance


The acceptance of the offer by the Customer is validated when it is made by ordering through the website, or by email.



5.1. Terms of payment 


Upon confirmation of the sale, a 30% deposit is required as proof of payment. It is also the customer's duty to send us a copy of the bank transfer or a receipt.


5.2. Late payment 


Any sum not paid on the due date shall be subject to interest at the legal rate without notice of default. 


5.3. Default of payment 


Iray Adventures reserves the right, in the absence of payment of the price on the due date, 30 days before departure, to demand payment, to suspend the tour or to terminate the contract and to retain, as compensation, the deposit paid at the time of ordering.



6.1 Before the journey


Unless otherwise stipulated in the description of the services or in the special conditions, the conditions for cancellation by the Client are those defined in this article. 

In the event of cancellation more than 80 days before departure, the Client will be reimbursed the amounts paid after taking all the costs of the trip, we will refund the deposit in full.

If the client cancels between 80 and 45 days before departure, Iray Adventures will refund 50% of the deposit.

If the client cancels between 45 and 30 days before departure, we will refund 25% of the deposit.

In case of cancellation less than 30 days, no-show or late arrival on the day of departure, no refund can be requested by the Client. 

All charges related to bank transactions and fees for the return of the amount are attributed to the client.

6.2 During the journey


Any trip that is interrupted, modified or shortened by the participant for any reason whatsoever will not give rise to any reimbursement on our part. Any modification made by you involving a change of service (hotels, transport, etc.) or programme (length of stay, stages, etc.) will be invoiced to you.

6.3 Exceptional cases


In the event of cancellation, any cause beyond our control: strikes, flight cancellations or delays, military or political conflicts, prohibition of travel to the country, etc., cannot be invoked to obtain a refund or exemption from payment of the balance due. 




Iray Adventures reserves the right to change the itinerary or route of any of its tours and to propose alternative routes to those announced if necessary in case of impossibility of passage due to road conditions or natural conditions beyond our control.

The tour guide, after consulting with the office of any change, reserves the right to implement this decision if necessary.

However, the sites and attractions of the tour will be maintained and included in the new itinerary.




The client who owns a tour may transfer it to another person if that person meets all the appropriate requirements for participation in the tour.

Iray Adventures requires however that we are notified of this change in a reasonable time before the start of the tour and that we are not bound by rules that prohibit such transfers. Scheduled flights belong to this category of subcontractors, among others. Iray Adventures calculates that there will be a name change fee per person, details of which you will receive by email. The original client and the new client are jointly responsible for this fee and any remaining amount for the trip.




The times given in the programme are indicative. The time and place of departure will be sent to you by post a few days before the start of the trip. We reserve the right to change or modify the place of departure indicated on the booking contract. In any case, only the departure point indicated on the invitation is valid.



All travellers must be in possession of a passport/identity card less than 10 years old. To enter Madagascar, a visa is required, payable on arrival at the airport. 

Underage children not accompanied by their parents must also be in possession of a passport, as well as a paternal authorisation to leave the country.

A passenger who is unable to take part in the trip because he/she does not have the required documents (identity card, passport, visa, health requirements, etc.) will not be entitled to any refund. In all cases, it is the traveller's responsibility to ensure that he/she has complied with the police, customs and health formalities for his/her trip, depending on his/her nationality. Our indications are only given for information purposes for people of Malagasy nationality.




Iray Adventures cannot be held responsible for lost luggage, injuries, flight schedule changes or cancellations, exceptional weather conditions, strikes or any other cause beyond our control.

Iray Adventures declines all responsibility:

  • if clients do not arrive at the time and place mentioned on their invitation;

  • if clients present expired or invalid identity or health documents for the country concerned;

  • If the relevant authorities refuse to issue the documents required to enter the country.

We will make every effort to protect our clients and their personal property and therefore advise all clients to take out comprehensive travel insurance to cover all eventualities.




  • Before the trip

In case of cancellation, the client is invited to take out insurance. Under certain circumstances you may have to cancel your trip (illness, force majeure,...). Cancellation insurance offers financial protection in case of cancellation of a trip already booked. 

It will allow clients to be reimbursed (excluding insurance costs) for the full cost of cancelling the trip.

Iray Adventures applies the provisions listed in the refund section of its general terms and conditions. These depend on the number of days remaining before the departure date. 


  • During the trip

The seller has taken out specific civil liability insurance with 


Participants are advised to take out travel insurance prior to departure, including diving insurance if they are divers. Travel insurance including, depending on the entity:

  • Personal assistance insurance: this is a guarantee of assistance to people in case of illness, accident or death. The guarantees and amounts covered will vary according to the formula or the insurer chosen. 

Repatriation insurance guarantees your return to your country in the event of an extreme emergency such as an accident or illness during your stay abroad.

Luggage insurance: this is a guarantee that provides compensation if something should happen to your luggage (loss, theft, damage, etc.)

  • Civil liability insurance: civil liability abroad covers damage caused by the insured person to others in a territory outside his or her own country. Private liability insurance abroad covers the financial consequences of such damage.

  • Diving insurance: According to insurers, this should cover evacuation and hyperbaric chamber, depth and gas limits, diving equipment.



Iray Adventures wants to ensure that the client is satisfied with the services provided and leaves with the best memories. 

If for any reason the client is not happy or has any complaints about their stay with us, Iray Adventures recommends the client to contact us directly while in Madagascar. Otherwise, the client is advised to contact us by email:

Your feedback and comments on your stay will help us to improve our service and we are committed to making changes. 




The client must sign a waiver if he/she does not wish to participate in an activity or programme listed in the schedule.

All activities and services included in the programme must be carried out, in case of cancellation by the client, this waiver releases Iray Adventures from any responsibility for reimbursement in case of claims by the client.



The elements reproduced on the website and its foreign versions, consisting of photographs, visuals, texts, drawings and images, are the exclusive property of the publisher and are protected by copyright, trademark law and patent law. Any reproduction and distribution of these elements without prior written permission of the publisher will expose the offenders to legal proceedings.

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